Lital Marom, Founder of The academy of Tomorrow and Unfold Media Group

I had an important keynote gig in front of 10,000 people in two weeks and I wanted to incorporate my personal story into it. Anita was super helpful working with me at the very last minute. I highly recommend working with her for any high-stakes storytelling moments in the future!


Martyn Sibley, World changer at Disability Horizons

The biggest challenge in my work is to gain sustainable funding—I'm always balancing our mission with how to keep the lights on. I needed a fresh strategic perspective. Anita and I went through a brand identity and vision analysis together. Without this support I would have continued feeling stressed, foggy, and still be going round in circles.

Working with Anita was so impactful, very enjoyable, and has resulted in great progress already. I've launched a social media campaign for World Changers, gathered a group of disabled influencers, and grown our social media marketing agency. In only a few weeks!


Meghan Godin, Founder of Some_Things

I worked with Anita on brand identity and vision analysis. She took me through an incredibly useful exercise, as I was able to lay all business opportunities out and genuinely assess what feels right. I found her approach very helpful (and not business boring), but creative and applicable.

Anita's brilliance and positivity helped me immensely throughout the analysis process.


Karen Holst, CHief Intrepreneur at Start-Within.com

Reading about innovation can be surprisingly uninspiring. In order to empower people to solve the tough problems, they need resources that resonate and connect. Not just preach and prescribe. Anita helped me to unlock my passion and style that resonates with readers and brings a human voice to this line of work.